Dear participants of the conference-school

“Achievements and Challenges of Modern Chemistry”!

Within the framework the conference-school 11–13 November 2014 lunch menu will be organized on the basis of canteens of SPSU. Each lunch costs 250 rubles. Payment can be made on the spot or in advance on account of the requisites on the website.

Menu options:

Iстоловая 1

- Carrot salad

- Meat soup

- Chicken breast baked with mushrooms and cheese

- Pasta

- Berry compote

- Bread


- Meat borsch with potatoes and sauerkraut

- Fresh cabbage saladстоловая 2

- Pork baked with vegetables

- Rice

- Tea

- Bread


- Salad “Beet with cheese”

- Soup with mushrooms and Kura

- Fish baked with tomatoes and cheese

- Boiled potatoes

- Compote of dried fruits

- Bread

IV. Vegetarian menu

- Salad of fresh vegetables

- Mushroom soup

- Peppers stuffed with rice and vegetables

- Ragout of vegetables

- Compote of berries and apples

- Bread

Please specify date, number of lunches and menu number on a special tab of your personal account.